A38 Scholarship Kassel-Halle Radio Kobanî by Reber Dosky wins A38 Scholarship

Radio Kobanî by Reber Dosky receives the award A38 – Production Scholarship.

This scholarship is supported by the Hesse Regulatory Authority for Commercial Broadcasting and New Media, the Media Institute of Saxony-Anhalt, and is awarded in collaboration with Werkleitz – Zentrum für Medienkunst.

The Syrian border town of Kobanî was occupied and destroyed by IS. When liberation came, 20-year-old Kurdish reporter Dilovan started a radio station. She and her friend Biter report on refugee camps, talk to survivors and interview fighters and musicians. The broadcasts seem to offer their listeners comfort and a sense of stability, as reconstruction gets underway and cautiously they dare to think about the future again. The film documents events in Kobanî over a three-year period, both during and after the fighting.