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Welcome to the press room at .move forward

Here you will find all the important press information on the media art festival .move forward, from October 5 - 21, at Halle, Germany: The latest press messages in PDF format, press photos; a press folder and our logo to download will be available at the start of the festival.

To be registered with our press mailing list please send us an email. We will then inform you immediately online when press accreditation begins. For any questions please contact:


Press Release 26th June 2012

From October 5 - 21, 2012, the Werkleitz Festival for Media Art presents its second exhibition of stipend awardees .move forward with the 13 international media artists from EMARE MEX (European Media Artist in Residence Exchange with Mexico) and the Mexico Stipend Programme:



.move forward - new mexican and european media art is a project by:

  • Werkleitz Gesellschaft e. V.

Schleifweg 6 – 
06114 Halle (Saale)

    T. +49 345 68246-0

    F. +49 345 68246-29
  • Chief Executive: 
    Daniel Herrmann
  • Executive Board:


The European Media Art Network (EMAN) is a network of European media art laboratories. EMAN offers possibilities to research, produce, present and distribute media art in Europe and is the continuation of the European Media Artists in Residence Exchange Programme (EMARE) which has been initiated by Werkleitz in 1995. Over the past 18 years more than 150 artists have been commissioned through EMAN/EMARE


Press Release 8th May 2012

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