Press Release 8th May 2012

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  • Festival Directors
    Peter Zorn Daniel Herrmann
  • Assistent to Directors
    Anita Müller
  • Festival Coordinator
    Sophia Gräfe
  • Financial Administration
    Heike Weiße
  • Technical Director
    Jörg Drefs
  • Intern Project Coordination
    Juliane Victor, Maren Blume
  • Press
  • Design
    Claudia Siegel
  • Website
    Konrad Renner & Christoph Knoth
  • Catalogue Editor

Exhibition Parcours

.move forward is not being shown in an exhibition venue, not in a museum and not in a theatre but on an inner-city street. The exhibition parcours developed for .move forward in the town centre of Halle (Saale) extends across a 500 metres long route leading from Stadtbad, the public baths, through Große Steinstraße to the Varieté on Steintor. A legendary hotel, the remnants of a cinema and a former fire station make up further striking locations along the parcours.