1.11. 20:00 Operncafé
Theses on the Present #1: Intervention and Simulation – Political measures for a new urban society

For the first edition of the new discourse series, Kay Voges, artistic director of Schauspiel Dortmund, will discuss with the audience the theses that have emerged from his work: What kinds of interventions in public life, what concepts of communal space can art offer contemporary urban society? Voges prefers to visit the locations where his city’s wounds are most gaping: His theatre intervenes at neo-Nazi hang-outs or flirts with the BVB football club at its megastore. The individual lifestyles of modern city dwellers have fostered his concept of a new political theatre that intervenes in the everyday life of Dortmund residents and projects visions of how we no longer, not yet want to co-exist. Jeanne Bindernagel (Halle Opera House) and Daniel Herrmann (Werkleitz) will lead the audience discussion.

In collaboration with the Werkleitz Festival 2017 Nicht mehr, noch nicht (No more, not yet)