23.10. 10:00 St. Briccius Kirche
Stadtspaziergang Trotha

This district in the north of Halle features a historical residential centre with a Romanesque church. The proximity to the river Saale – which once formed the border between Franconia and Slavic settlements – suggests that in the past the location was of strategic importance. The Saale was navigable from very early on, and the lock near Trotha is among the oldest in the region. Running parallel to the river, the Trothaer Straße was an old trade route that crossed through Trotha on its way to the city of Magdeburg. The former fishing village was reshaped by several phases of industrialisation. In 1900 Trotha was incorporated into the city of Halle. The construction of the harbour and electricity plant and of modern residential buildings between the world wars changed the appearance of the former suburb. Wohnstadt-Nord (North Residential Area) was developed from 1960 to 1985. Vacant lots where buildings once stood, discount supermarkets and gas stations now characterise the north of Trotha as a peripheral zone.

Stadtspaziergang mit Matthias Maurer

Treffpunkt: St. Briccius Kirche, Pfarrstraße 1, 06118 Halle (Saale)