24.10. 10:00 Alchemistenbrunnen
Stadtspaziergang Südpark

The area known as Südpark is the newest residential district in Halle-Neustadt. The six-story buildings were erected between 1983 and 1986. The residential area is bordered to the south by the B80 highway, to the west by the street known as Zollrain, to the north by a small residential neighbourhood built after 1990, and to the east by the outlying area of the village of Passendorf and Südpark’s green areas. The waning quality of development that was to be observed in the course of Halle-Neustadt’s creation is especially evident in Südpark. Above all the provision of local shops and services and the design of open spaces were sacrificed to the need for more housing. The residential area still lacks a centre, however an area left vacant in Südpark for this purpose offers opportunities for subsequent development.

Stadtspaziergang mit Kulturwerkstatt Grüne Villa
Treffpunkt: Alchemistenbrunnen, Am Treff 3 in Halle-Neustadt, 06124 Halle (Saale)