28.10. 13:00 Festivalzentrum
Stadtspaziergang Rossplatz

Originally located just outside the city gates and used as an unhitching post for horse-drawn carriages, in the course of the northward expansion of Halle (Saale) in the 1880s the square became part of the city. Rossplatz is bordered to the west by the Paulusviertel – a neighbourhood built at the same time – and  to the east by the Nordfriedhof cemetery. The area once known as the Steintorvorstadt, which includes the still existing Steintorplatz, opens up towards the city centre to the south. In the course of the redrawing of streets, the area – which into the 1930s was used for fairs and carnivals – was significantly altered in order to make way for new transportation routes, including a streetcar line and a bridge for the Paracelsusstraße. Nowadays the square seems primarily to accommodate cars.

Stadtspaziergang mit Guido Großmann
Treffpunkt: Festivalzentrum, Gr. Ulrichstr. 12, 06108 Halle (Saale)